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SS-2895 | Admissions > Prospect Information > Task/Activity Defect


An issue was reported in the Task/Activity section of the Prospect Information screen. Some prospect tasks appear to be assigned to a random number. 


1. User navigates to Admissions >> Prospect Information screen.
2. User then Searches for Prospect(s).
3. If the configuration for the The Task/Activity section is set to view the 'Assigned To' Employee, the defect may appear ONLY if the user sees a numeric value instead of the expected Name for an 'Assigned To' Employee.

Expected Results
Users SHOULD preview the Name value in the 'Assigned To' field of the activity record of an Employee.

Actual Results:
Instead of showing the Employee's Name value, the actual value displayed is the Employee's ID number (an internal assigned database value not visible within the SIS user interface).

Please Note: This issue does not exists in the Home >> My Activities screen. 

Identified Cause

The defect occurs when an employee becomes deactivated. If the deactivated employee had the 'Job Function' of Advising - AND - was associated to activity records when removed/deactivated from the Setup >> Institution >> Employee screen, the defect will occur.


In order to identify discrepant records associated with this defect, users can create a simple TopView report using the Prospect Activity Info entity. In the report, a filter can be added so that the user running the report can enter the numeric value shown in the Task/Activity section of the Prospect Information screen. If you need technical assistance running, building or would like to inquire about having this type of report created to address this issue, please don’t hesitate to contact your Client Success Director or open a New Support Ticket.


Release Version: SS Release 32 | Status: FIXED - June 07, 2018, after 9:00 PM (CST) | Reference: SS-2895

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