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SS-2896 | TopView Report - Filtering with Parameter First/Last name Values


Users report experiencing a data retrieval issue when running TopView reports that utilize a 'Student Name (First Name Last Name)' filter parameter. This filter allows users to specifically search the SLM's data warehouse for a specific name. This issue is related to the First/Last name values that contains leading/trailing spaces (i.e. a prospects and/or student name that is created/entered into the SIS with a space preceding the first character letter of their first name or a space following the last letter of their last name). Because the parameter filter cannot discern the inadvertent space created, the report fails to retrieve student data. Therefore, all TopView reports that utilize 'Student Name (First Name Last Name)' parameter will be affected. 

Please note: This issue is only reported if the user utilizes the 'Student Name (First Name Last Name)' filter parameter on the TopView report. If the TopView report 'Student Name (First Name Last Name)' filter parameter is overridden using the 'NULL' option, the report will run as expected.


1. Navigate to Reports > TopView > Run an existing report.

2. Example of TopView Report experiencing issue: Student Attendance Detail - Term

3. Click 'Run'

4. Enter the required parameters - and - utilize the 'Student Name (First Name Last Name)' filter parameter with a name.

5. Click 'View Report'

Expected Results

The report retrieves the attendance report information as expected when the student name entered in the 'Student Name (First Name Last Name)' filter parameter field meets the other TopView parameter field requirements. 

Actual Results

The selected filters return no data. 


Remove the space(s) from the name values in the SIS. Wait approximately 20-30 mins in order for the TopView data warehouse to refresh with the update. Re-run the TopView report utilizing the 'Student Name (First Name Last Name)' filter parameter. 

Please note: The only SIS screens whereby users can update the First/Last names to remove any inadvertent space(s) are from the Prospect/Student Information screens (e.g. prospects will only be found on the Prospect Information screen, while students can appear on both screens)


Release Version: SS Release 33 | Status: FIXED - August 30, 2018, after 9:00 PM (CST) | Reference: SS-2896

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