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SS-2944 | TopView SQL Report Server - Database Integrity Issues


TopView report users first reported experiencing issues when attempting to run TopView reports or access the TopView reports Ad-hoc reporting tool. Additionally, users identified issues when attempting to run saved or new Quick Query's. Users reported an error message that would be displayed on their browser when first attempting to gain access into the TopView >> Reports section -OR- when already in a TopView report -OR- when attempting to retrieve data using Quick Query. While we have been actively working to identify and address the root cause of the issue, we want to provide some insight into why this has occurred. 

Please note: All TopView users are affected by this data integrity issue and may experience issues when running TopView reports or the Ad-hoc reporting tool or Quick Query. 


1. Navigate to Reports 

2. Click, 'TopView'


1. Navigate to Reports 

2. Click, 'TopView'

3. Attempt to run any TopView report


1. Navigate to Reports

2. Click, 'Quick Query'

3. Attempt to run saved or new queries 

Expected Results

The Ad-Hoc Model should generate the requested data-sets (i.e. a collection of data retrieved from either a TopView report or specific data queried by a TopView user with the tools available in report builder) from TopView reports, the TopView Ad-hoc reporting tool or Quick Query.  

Actual Results

The Ad-Hoc Model fails to query the data and the user receives the displayed error message, "Semantic Query execution failed. The operating system returned error23(Data error (cyclic redundancy check).)"

Identified Cause

Our Technology Management team has been completing disk fragmentation on which the TopView database resides in attempts to resolve the issue. However, this has only provided at most a temporary fix. You, or other TopView report user at your institution, may have experienced an increase in the frequency of the errors noted above when using TopView.

As this is a severe system-level error condition which may potentially threaten the TopView Reporting database integrity, our Technology Management team's next steps are to complete a full database consistency check. While we have systematically been correcting issues as they are found (e.g. the complete replacement and rebuilding of two failed hardware disks), corruption situations are very difficult to ascertain. 

If it is determined that maintenance is required and if down-time of the SIS is needed to correct the issue, the Product Management Team will notify you with an 'Alert Notification' communication. As always, these communications will contain any pertinent details on the maintenance that will occur, the start date and time. In addition, this known issues forum will be updated with a release version and status update for this reference. 


At the moment, there is no definitive solution to address this issue. 

If you need technical assistance or have a time-sensitive TopView report, please open a support ticket in Freshdesk or email your Student Solution support representatives.

Student Solution - Product Manager
Mark Aguero
O: 737.300.4156

Student Solution - Product Manager
Gabrielle McRae
O: 737.300.4138


REMINDER : Thursday, September 06, 2018 after 6 P.M. CST

For more information please see announcements forum:
Thank You
Product Management Team


Release Version: Unplanned Production Outage - 12-SEP-2018 | Status: FIXED - September 15, 2018, after 5:00 AM (CST) | Reference: SS-2944

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